Garden of the Pines Services
We are proud to offer the following services to our clients...

Garden of the Pines is proud to offer our clients of variety of services listed below. We now offer Cremation Services in house. Please contact our office if you need more information.


Garden of the Pines provides a wide range of services.

Pet Pick-up Services:

Garden of the Pines provides pick-up service from your veterinary’s office or your home during normal office hours.

We also offer after-hours pickup to 9:00 PM on Tuesday through Saturday and 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM Sunday and Monday.

Free Burial or Cremation Services for Police and Military K9 Dogs:

Garden of the Pines is honored to offer free burial services or cremation services to our Police and Military dogs that spent their lives protecting our cities and country.

Offer Discount Price for Rescue groups:   

Garden of the Pines offers a discount to Rescue groups for our cremation services.  Rescue groups provide a great service caring for unwanted animals and Garden of the Pines is here to support them.

Home Use Caskets:

Garden of the Pines sells caskets for home use.  Call the office for price and size information.

Advance Planning for Pet Burial or Cremation Services:

It is difficult to imagine a time when our beloved Pet will not be part of our lives.  Making decisions during a time of loss becomes extremely difficult trying to choose what services you want for your Pet.  Garden of the Pines provides advance planning so that you can make your pet’s memorial decisions ahead of time.

Call the office to set an appointment to discuss your options.

Individual Cremation Services:

Garden of the Pines only provides individual cremation where your Pet is the only one in the crematory (except for Rescue Groups).  An identification tag is assigned to your pet that follows he/she throughout the cremation process.  What you will receive back is your Pet’s ashes in a ‘Rainbow Bridge Urn’, a Paw Print and a Cremation Certificate.

As an option, you can request to view the cremation process at no extra charge.  This option is available by appointment ‘only’ Tuesday through Friday between 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM.

Pet Burial Services:

Garden of the Pines offers burial services for those families who want their Pets buried instead of cremated.  We will assist you with choosing a gravesite, casket and services for your beloved Pet.