Pet Memorials
Purchase Granite Pet Memorials at Wholesale Prices!

Granite Memorials are a wonderful way to mark the grave of your beloved pet or to pay tribute to your pet in your home or garden. These granite memorials are laser etched to provide a lasting memorial that will withstand the elements outside. Each memorial is personalized for you. Choose from our sample list of popular verses or write your own. We do not limit the amount of text to be used, but be remindful that the amount of words and lines of text will ultimately determine the size of the lettering. We will help you create a custom memorial designed for your beloved pet. We offer multiple sizes to provide a beautiful memorial for every budget.

If you choose, our artisan’s will produce high resolution engravingss of your pet’s image, along with your personalized text into granite. Using this technique, a one-of-a-kind memorial will be created that you will treasure forever. You may email your digitized picture in .BMP, .GIF, .JPG, or .PSD format, or send us a print to scan. Your original photo will be returned. The quality of the digitized picture or photo will determine the quality of the laser etchings.

Once we receive your instructions on how you desire the layout of your memorial to be, our artisan’s will provide a photo proof for your approval. This process will be repeated until you and your family are completely satisfied. Once the final proof is approved the production order is placed your personalized memorial will arrive at our office in a matter of a few days.

We currently offer three sizes:

These are the only sizes permitted at the Garden of The Pines Pet Cemetery. We also offer a 6″x12″ in 3/8″ thickness for home use only. The 3/8″ thickness memorials are suitable for home outside use or placed in your home as a momento of your beloved pet.

The following samples can be provided in any of our offered sizes. Only granite or bronze markers purchased at Garden of The Pines are permitted at the Garden of The Pines Pet Cemetery.

Please contact us for more information and to place your order!

etched_granite_pet_memorial_1 9_x_12_cat_memorial_no_photo1 dog_proof_9_x_12_web 6_-_9_granite_hg5j


1056X9X1.250With Photo$ 120.00$ 23.00
1066x9x1.250DOG/No Photo$ 100.00$ 23.00
1076x9x1.250Cat/No Photo$ 100.00$ 23.00
1089x12x1.250With Photo$ 175.00$ 23.00
1099x12x1.250DOG/No Photo$ 155.00$ 23.00
1109x12x1.25CAT/No Photo$ 155.00$ 23.00
11110x14x1.250With Photo$ 185.00$ 23.00
11210x14x1.250DOG/No Photo$ 165.00$ 23.00
11310x14x1.250CAT/No Photo$ 165.00$ 23.00



1254x7x2With Photo$ 160.00$ 23.00
1264x7x2DOG/No Photo$ 140.00$ 23.00
1274x7x2Cat/No Photo$ 140.00$ 23.00
1286x10x2With Photo$ 175.00$ 23.00
1296x10x2DOG/No Photo$ 160.00$ 23.00
1306x10x2CAT/No Photo$ 160.00$ 23.00
1315x16x2With Photo$ 185.00$ 23.00
1325x16x2DOG/No Photo$ 170.00$ 23.00
1335x16x2CAT/No Photo$ 170.00$ 23.00
1349x14x2With Photo$ 215.00$ 23.00
1359x14x2DOG/No Photo$ 210.00$ 23.00
1369x14x2CAT/No Photo$ 210.00$ 23.00