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Complete, Professional Services for a perfect and final tribute to your loved ones

About Garden of the Pines

Everyone at Garden of the Pines Pet Cemetery has suffered the loss of a beloved pet.  It did not matter if our loved one did not look like us, or spoke our language.  Our pet was a very special member of our family who gave us unconditional love.  Losing a cherished pet is very difficult and dealing with the loss is very personal.  However, there is one decision we must all make – choosing a final resting place.

At Garden of the Pines, we offer a beautiful and peaceful setting for the perfect, final tribute to your pet.  He or she will be given the same care and respect that we would give our own pets.

Founded in 1957 by Jesse and Kathryn Mercer, the cemetery rests under majestic pine trees which stand with imposing grace and dignity.  The natural beauty of the cemetery is enhanced further by carefully planned lawn areas, native shrubs and flower gardens.

At Garden of the Pines you will find not only consoling beauty, but every needed service for a perfect and final tribute to your pet.



Open Tuesday – Saturday 9AM-3PM | Sunday-Monday CLOSED. Visitors are always welcome. Guided tours and consultations are available by contacting the office in advance.

Office Manager – Susie Blake
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Phone: 757-427-1537